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Meet The Team

Together we make the magic happen!


Savannah Lutrell

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  • I have been photographing memories for over 12 years.

  • I specialize in newborns & babies.

  • I am a soulmate & a mother, we have 3 wild boys - nothing your kiddo does will phase me because I've seen it all!

  • My cats, Fat Amy and Scout, think I am their pet Human. I show them off like they are my children!

  • I am an Enneagram 7! I am always on the go, I thrive on spontaneity, and I like to make people laugh.

  • I have a background in Behavioral Health working with adolescents and children on the spectrum.

  • I am proud to be a fourth generation female entrepreneur to own and operate my own business.

  • Ally of the LGBTQ+ Community. My studio is a safe space!

  • Photography has taken me to Montana, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, California, Jamaica, Iowa, Teas, Arkansas, Nevada, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Colorado, and all over Oklahoma!


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Hi my name is Kim!
I am married to my best friend, a mom to the best little guy, and a friend to all.
I have an Australian Shepherd, and many cats.
While life has taken me many places, I have had close family live in Oklahoma so it has always been a part of home for me.
I am Enneagram 2, and my three are Cancer Sun, Libra Moon and Sagittarius Rising.
Photography has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember, both being behind and in front of the camera. I bought my first professional camera in 2019, which reignited my love for photography all over again.
In 2024, I decided to use my passion to create memories and go professional. It has been a whirlwind but a step I love to take each and every day.
I specialize in weddings, boudoir, families and lifestyle. I love to capture the raw emotion and love between families and couples.
Memories are captured with a simple press of a button so let’s capture yours today!

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